Pigsy (Ciaran McCoy)


Born on the North Side of Dublin in Ireland, Ciarán McCoy is an Irish Artist and award winning architect (ODKM Architects). He borrows from his architectural knowledge to create his diverse expressionist art work as his alter ego “PIGSY”.

Artist Statement

Many of my works are self portraits or semi-biographical, I paint about the things going on in my head at the time of painting and my day to day observations. My work is the positive culmination of the negativities and frustrations experiences and life. I have dyslexia so words frustrate me, AND fascinate me at the same time.  I like to draw quick and loose .  I believe drawing fast allows for a flow of honesty with no manipulation of feelings and overthinking the meaning of the story.

My technique normally involves a free flowing start to each work as I set out the scene for the broader context of the work, followed by a slower, drawn out finish as I immerse myself into the painting and endeavor to elicit an answer to the conundrums that I face and also to dig myself out of the holes that I’ve created for myself in my mind and subconscious.

The mediums I use to create paintings and sculptures vary and range from everyday household acrylic paint, chalk, oil sticks,  acrylic sticks, oil paint, spray paint, charcoal  and discarded studio objects.