Mark Cullen


Paint seems to break free from its two-dimensional limitations in the work Mark P Cullen, who, despite a late start as a full-time painter at the age of 43, has quickly garnered a reputation both in his native Ireland and internationally.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal landscape that surrounds Dublin, Mark’s work is infused with an energy that is both boundless and contained. His style of applying thick layers of paint to the canvas and scoring them with brush-handles, pencils and screwdrivers, is almost sculptural in tone.

Although it appears spontaneous, Mark’s practice is meticulous. Each gouge and every furrow is deliberately constructed to create the integral lines and forms that define the work. Indeed, his paintings appear to be carved from the living landscape itself.

Mark has exhibited at the RHA, the Royal Ulster Academy, the Edinburgh Art Fair, the Paris Art Fair, and at the Eigse Arts Festival. His works are currently on show at Jorgensen’s Fine Art Gallery and The Trinity Gallery in Dublin, and in the Trio Carmel Gallery in California.